Eisele Cunningham

Monday Mornings


If you hear and negative story about me— understand this: there was a time I could be counted on, a story in which I was giving and kind. Liars and gossips tend to forgo those parts.



There are two of me you know…

One that’s been hurt

Bound, broken and lied to

One does his best to sequester the scares he bares

And would rather stay home than face the world and have his heart torn out and trampled on again

And the other

Well he’s hopeful


And willing to take the risk


Knowing shit happens but, the sun will inevitably rise again

He still believes that true love

That IT exists

Despite the constant contrary


Those who say: you can’t, shouldn’t interrupt those who are doing!


You can’t make everyone happy. And it’s a fool errand to try.


I just need a day to cry, that’s all.


I wouldn’t consider any past relationship a failure, but a learning experience.


I didn’t want to need anybody

I’ve told you my secerts

You know that I’m guarded

All The Things That Might Be

My love must already be in the stars

In heaven with the other angels

Or perhaps I missed’em

Walking with my head down again

My love must live on Mars

But likely another continent

While I’m here sulking in bed

My love might have been reincarnated

Into a beautiful tree

A body of water

Or a gentle breezy

My love maybe nothing I can take home with me

My love just might be a poem

Airy and hopeful

But something’s missing

My love must live on the fifth floor

While the elevator I chose has me stuck on four

Maybe my love is the drink

My love must have assumed I was misshapen

Though I am the missing piece

I imagine my love is out there

Hurdling mountains

Fighting a war

To get to me

Who could know

My ture love just might come with batteries

And require some assembling


Don’t say you love me,

When you know you’ll regret it.

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