Eisele Cunningham

Monday Mornings

The Truth 

You’re up late, thinking about the one you believe to be your true love in life…
They are sound asleep. 

A Recent Event 

On a folded note given to me on the bus by a seemingly destitute older man. There were words scribbled on it and it read: 

“I a good guy call if you need a friend”

I was perplexed- slightly curious. 

I turned it over and it read: 

“Shawn 213.555.1022 if you need anything”

(I’m thinking…) 

What could I possibly gain from you? We’re on the same rusted-out ship, leading some where, I am sure incongruous. Although each person aboard keeps their destination secret. 

You say “anything,” but what exactly, if I asked, could you offer me? 

Essential Objects

Just out of a hot shower-

I dry myself.

I watch you lay there, waiting for me-
I walk to you,
I lift you up.
Your scent so fresh.
I think of what it’s like to be inside of you;
The way that you have always hugged me at the waist.
Soft yet tightly
And with such care.
You warm me; shape me…
My underwear.

Something’s Missing 

It wouldn’t be a complete Friday night, without something missing.

An Ace, A Spade and A Joker. 

I can’t comprehend this hand of cards you’ve dealt me. 

What Lies Ahead 

I don’t know about tomorrow-I’ve found it best that I just live from day-to-day. 

I can’t borrow or make bet on the sunshine.

For he made his sky’s mercurial- turning to grey.

It’s a lot of waisted time worrying over my future, 

For I listen to what he says. 

And today I feel him walking beside me.

And I’ll trust him for he knows and only he knows what lies ahead. 

Graveyard Shift

Children home from school, homework done- play a bit of video games.

Dinner is prepared and severed, but I am missing a plate.

Friends sit ’round and laugh together at the instant classic sit-com series premier.

Drinks are spilling over, far too many shots made, and “Okay, just one beer” turned into a case.

People ready for bed, it’s the end of the day.

While mine is at its inception.

Working on the grave.


Now weak, but with training- proper practice, I’ll become strong.
I’ve fallen- haven’t broken anything. But in time, after overcoming the embarrassment I’ll stand up.

Things aren’t going my way, I shall take a step back, analyze my options then choose a new path.

Expectations are a burden placed on the shoulders of us all.

By others, and the most heavy by ourselves.

Some will accept the challenge without complaint or hesitation.

Sadly, many will accept they’ve failed, with absence of ever trying.

I sometimes stand still and try to understand the latter, but then I realize:

I am standing still.

Coping with any answer to why am I feeling defeated– melancholy, is struggle enough.

So far-be-it that I find a suitable answer for persons who’ve long given up.

Beggin & Pleadin

THE YEAR IS 1998 no- no


Yes: The queen of the ‘90s has chosen to lend her outrageously silky vocals to a track- waving us back into ‘40s-era, juke-joint-in-the-middle-of-the-Louisiana-bayou bastion of bluesy goodness.’ A sound, in its final moments forcing her to belt words at the top of her lungs as if it there were the last things she’d ever say.

“Told you walk out that door and you can keep your last name! I’m down on my knees, its a shame.”

Proving that the already uniquely gifted singer has more range than she’s let on in past studio recordings — all just after blessing us with the premier of her new sitcom in the form of BET’s ‘Zoe Ever After.’

It seems that nearly two decades after she captivated us as the inimitable Moesha. A new day is dawning on the Grammy Award winning super star. Going from TVs airy, but entertaining ‘Cinderella,’ to taking on more challenging roles, such as: ‘Roxie Hart,’ the lead in America’s longest running board way musical ‘Chicago.’

Brandy is beacon of confidence and seems she’s finally realizing her importance.

Click the link below to hear the song.

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