Eisele Cunningham

Monday Mornings


What would I want the world to know about me today?

I made someone laugh and that made me smile. 

Without complaint worked under tremendous pressure- getting the job done.

I sweat a great deal.

Accepted a hug form an old acquaintance. 

Made a healthy choice for both breakfast and lunch.

Someone was rude to me- I placed it out of my head

And paid the next two people who made eye contact with me a well deserved compliment.

What would I possibly keep from the world today? 

That I prayed I wasn’t the only person in the holding on to a morale of sanity.

Rambling (In My Absence)

You Must know how to listen to hear me…

The Leap

If I were hurting, would you comfort me?

If I was lost, would you look for me?

No motive lace my questions-


Reply honestly.

Would your hands reach for mine even though I am miles away? 

Would you speak my name to me if I’ve forgotten-

If I were wrong would you correct me?

Will we remember love is more easily torn away then it is rebuilt- replaced?

I’ll remember your special cigarettes;

You remember my favorite drink.

We both have so many lessons to learn… 

Are you ready?

And Someone Else

I came home this evening
And nothing felt as it should

I sat down to pour myself a drink 
With my pen and a pad next to me 

I wanted to say harsh words 


When later I’d apologize  

I prepared a meal for only myself in the kitchen 

I knew you wouldn’t be coming home this evening  

So without protest I ate alone 

I go to my bedroom 

It smelled of you… 

And someone else 

Grocery List 

•Ground Turkey
•Taco shells
•Medium Salsa 

•Shredded Lettuce 

(Or a head of lettuce, I could chop it myself) 

•Shredded Sharp cheddar

(Something I always forget) 



•Margarita Mix 

•Someone to share this all with 



“I think it’s best if we were both single for a while. At least that way you won’t have to change any of your sexual tendencies…”


Growing up,

I thought there were no people out there like me. 

No one ready to love,

No one willing.

Then I met you…

Validating my thought. 

The Monster

Life was…

Lived before I met what I now call 

The Monster.”


Life was exciting! 

Well, at least for a while…


I’m still breathing, so…

It hasn’t killed me yet. 

We Went All the Way 

“We went all the way…” 

Are there phrases in Merriam’s dictionary?

Frankly, I don’t know what that means.  

We went all the way- all the way where? 

To the kitchen or the living space 

To the basement, where each of you stood against opposing walls exchanging bashful stares. 

“We went all the way” 

Who helped you get there? 

You went all the way

All the way inside…

Inside someone’s parent’s house who were away to make- what was obviously a mistake because you seem incapable of speaking plain English

We had sex…




Instead you, like an immature coward, you say, 

“We went all the way.” 

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