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Hey, guys!

Just 4 days until, “The Struggle of Choice” is released! While I know we are all very excited about that, let’s stay active in the mean time. Words that are thought provoking, provocative and whimsical are available for your viewing pleasures daily here at Monday Mornings. 

Why check out the site; not only have I been published now, 4 separate times, nominated for 2 separate awards and have been featured in wordpress’s Top Ten Best Reads of the month (Sep 2016) list. The work of Monday Mornings can offer piece-of-mind. I’d like to think my work had pragmatic grip on reality There’s truth written here, with a little fantasy, forgoing false hope. 

Do check out the site, share your thoughts and share with a friend! 
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I’m in the industry. 

You’re in the industry.

We’re all in the industry. 

At the door, you’ll check: your keys,

Your coat, 

Your morality,

And originality… 

                         This IS what you came for?

The Black Cat Blue Sea Award 

            A very special thanks to Allylmare of ‘write ally write’ for thinking my work left enough of an impressive to nominate for the Black Cat Blue Sea award. An award given to those bloggers who write for everyone, with the intention to impact the readers heart and mind. 

This was quite an unexpected honor. And below are questions asked to me, which I’ve now answered, and I hope it helps those who follow my work get to know me just a tad better. 

1. What is your MOST FRUSTRATING moment in your life?

I can’t augment any one moment, but situations I’ve found most frustrating are those where I know I’ve been there to help another. Whether it be for financial or emotional support, and even shelter. But, when it’s come time for that same support to be reciprocated, they aren’t there for you.  

2. If you can change ONE THING in your life, what would it be?

That I could change someone’s mind; affect more people in the world with my poems, stories and some day, films. 

3. How do you deal with EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN?

I become quite a recluse when facing emotional termoil. While away I use that time to process the emotions that have driven me “there.” After sometime has passed, I then reintroduce what I consider a stronger, happier version of myself to the public, with a few new poems and stories to share about the emotional transition.

Well, that’s all I have. Again thank you, Ally for the nomination, and best of luck to all of the nominees!



Tall Tales

One bright day in the middle of the night,

Two dead boys got up to fight. 

Back to back they faced each other, 

drew their swords then shot one another. 

A deaf policeman heard the noise

and ran to save the two dead boys. 

If you don’t believe this tale, that what I tell isn’t true,

just ask the blind policeman, he saw it, too.


Humble in your arm

Lights dim 

And the winds whisper

Embers of the flame we created together dance before our eyes 

A fervent notion in my head suggest this love will be forever

If we continue what labor is necessary to keep our flame refulgent 

And so long as we understand the purpose between balanced hardship and peace 

The Crimson Brick Road 

I walked along the crimson brick road alone
Not one less traveled… 
Only at this time this day
The usual wasn’t a usual thing
There was no merchant to sale me trinkets made by the hands of his wife and children 
No woman wrapped in threadbare cloth to ask if I could help 
And I to desperately turn out my pockets, knowing I have nothing rather then saying no 
I walked alone along the road 
Little men weren’t there to sing with me 
No good witch came from where the sun rises
And no great wizard to give tchotchkes meant to symbolize what I seek
A brain with memory that I live in reality
Some courage to face it 
And an unbroken heart to place in my chest
I can only walked forward 
Bering my bags 
With the knowledge that someday this hardship will end 


I prayed to him

                                                 Yes HIM 
For a miracle 

And for this miracle I promised him a few things

I promised I’d begin attending church 

Cease my officious judgements

Make peace with my enemies 

Make peace with myself 

Practice celibacy 

Never again have a drink… 

                             Well, he can’t hold me to everything. 

When I am Alone 

It comes in waves

Heavy and harsh 

Thoughts boil my flesh


False but fluid guides the hand 

Blood leads to the region I wish to remain untouched 

But resistance is more easily quoted than done

Election Day (Leave)

Why speculation rather than declaration

Why not jubilee in lieu of melancholy

We both know that there are no mistakes

You’ve done this on some conscious or subconscious level 

Either way… 

You meant to ruin me 

Am I inclined to stay here 

Love you

My conscience votes: Leave 

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