Eisele Cunningham

Monday Mornings

Infinite Possibilities

What is brilliance without once being ignorant?

What is acceptance, if you have never been thrown away?

Life isn’t so simple

Moving from point “A” to “B”

There are 24 other obstacles

And you still aren’t done with “Z”

Victory will serve no satisfaction

If you haven’t been defeated

And strength means nothing

If you haven’t been weak

Patience and understanding are difficult concepts.

But, faith in one’s self allows possibility.


In your Dreams (Benighted)

I kept dreaming of the day I️’d be allowed to press my lips against yours

When I wanted

On my own terms

I️ was dreaming

And I️ kept dreaming that I️ could possibly be your Israfel

That you would see me as I’ve seen you


In your dreams

An apparition

My love is

Ideal but fictional

10 Thousand Hours

If 10 thousand hours makes you an expert at anything

Then I must be an expert at misery

I have spent 10 thousand hours crying and worrying

I wonder what else could I have mastered

What else could I have done

In Lieu of those 10 thousand hours spent hurting because of love

Could I have cured cancer by now

Cracked world hunger

Maybe for third world countries provided a sustainable source of potable water

10 thousand just hasn’t come and gone

I knew I should have gotten up

But it feels impossible to stand the same after love knocks you to the ground

I think I could have been an astronaut

Or like Forest Gump ran the entire earth with a cause

Shit, I think I could have saved the world

But I was chasing love

More accurately someone who did not have it

10 thousand

10 thousand hours spent

Practicing a bad habit



Keep in mind: some sugar you take by the mouth, may later become bitter in your stomach.


A Cheap Metaphor

I have to leave

Because I’ve been waiting in vain

It took me quite a while but I see now

You’re incapable of falling in love with someone other than yourself

It doesn’t help me to say: my heart is sore!

It’s just too cheap a metaphor

So I’ll end my poem there

Because I am very much tempted to repeat it once more



If you pray to God for patience, do you believe he’ll give you patience, or an opportunity to be patient?


But It Still Ain’t Love

You’ve got the best of me.

Reluctantly: I admit it.

Something makes me want you, all mine.

What exciting new emotions:

Crazy and jealous!



Holding on to anger is like drinking poison but, expecting it to kill the other person.


A Twist On An Old Rhyme

He likes me

He likes me not

I like me not

But I like me when he likes me

That’s quite a subtracting blow to my own self-esteem

I like me

Just a lot more when he is next to me

I like him

He likes me back

But better on my knees

On all four

Or flat on my back

I like me

When he gives what he treats as a service praise

I like me not

Because I realize the dichotomy in that phrase

He likes me

I am always available

He likes me not

I always want more

I like me

He thinks I’m worth

What he pays me

I like him

Even when he gives me nothing

I like me

He doesn’t really like me

I don’t truly like me

Where are my rose paddles

I’d like that 50/50 shot at choosing


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