Eisele Cunningham

Monday Mornings

Being Single

I’ve taken a lot of time

Walking through the darkness


Though by now I’d thought I’d find a friend to show me where the light switch is hiding on the wall


I Felt I was A Toy

I was spinning–


At the bottom of the top…

I know now I was given more time than

I knew what to do with.


It’s your insecurities that are unattractive, not you.


Thine bosom was fit for pearls,

But I hadn’t the training of a Diver

Her brow was fit for jewels

But I haven’t a Gold, no silver, even bronze crest.

Her heart still fit for home

I – a lowly paloma – built one

One with the finest of twigs from an Oak

And mighty twine a spider had woven.

Questions (Illusion or the Reality)

How many times must one apologize,

To truly walk with forgiveness?

Especially when the sorry knows he or she has done a wrong

And the action or actions weren’t meant to lead the relationship to a loll.

How much must one do to prove that it was an awful mistake?

Misguided by passion–

Nothing like never being forgiven…


Wiping mountain moving tears away.

Who could say it’s definitely one parties fault, when you’re supposed to be in it together!?

Making plans;

Keeping promises.

Was the illusion your smile the compatibility;

Is the reality always just another ending?

The Not Trying

Everyone’s heart around me is breaking

Not even a bullet to the chest could burn so badly

Many words spoken

Filled with hyperbole

But none worth elucidating

All my friends hearts are breaking around me

Thoughts racing down a course of

Perfect perplexity

Does he

Does she

And of course

Why me

Has any one ever offered enough

Given anything

I’m doing just fine sequestered in my private space

Or maybe it’s worse or even cowardly

The not trying

It can’t get any worse

No love like yours,
Has ever made me feel:
So alive
So dead.

Pleasure’s Pain

It's dangerous
To fall in love…
But I want to burn with you tonight
It's okay, hurt me.
There's two of us
We're bursting with desire
The pleasure's pain, confusing, it's fire…
I'd rather it be you, than anyone else who burns me.

Where Does Love lie

Will there really be a "one?"
Is there such a thing as Love?
Could I see it from the mountains-
I heard some say it's tall…
Has it feet like a flower standing in the meadow;
Or has it feathers like a bird?
Is it the namesake of someone once alive and wealthy;
Or had it been brought from provinces,
Those of which I've never heard.
Please, some sailor, some scholar,
Omnipotent man in the sky
Tell me, a little erudite.
Where does Love lie?

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