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Monday Mornings

This Is Practice

“Write well and write consistently…”
Is what my seasoned mentors of the trade have all said to me.

Keep writing and rewrite,

Everything will not be a diamond, but it’s better if you have 1000 pages of thoughts written down- it makes finding one easy. 

Discuss betrayal and your perception of love. 

Discuss God, history, the earth, our world and the space it occupies.

It does not matter if you aren’t an expert on a subject, but it’d be advantageous if your were. 

Just allow your imagination to gain control and your hand to write.  

Speak No More 

We should not speak of the things we no longer have because they can not be returned to us.
It is best if you do not speak of the things you hope to gain, because they may only ever be hopes and never come.

So what words are there left to remain forming in our mouths- falling from our tongues?

We should not speak of the truth because it hurts just too much.

And we should not speak of lies because how it hurts when they come undone.

Do not speak of a God for the chance of offending someone who doesn’t praise yours.

I am facing the inception of a struggle created by man and his misuse- misconstrued word.


I do not speak of patience for fear of loosing mine own.

The Assignment (Analogies): 

Write 5 statements that begin: “you are.”
These statements should be about someone you have strong loving feelings for, or someone you essentially hate. Sometimes it maybe both. 

But, then end your thought with a specific- concrete physical image or detail using the term “like.” 

Such as; “like you are a headlight on a northbound train or like you are the soggy cereal at the bottom of the bowl.” 

The objective here is to do this as fast as possible, not thinking too much about the statements. 
1. You are an interesting sight, like the male seahorse who bares the children. 

2. You are fleeting, like a fly stealing my attention. But, when you’ve flown away, I wonder where you’ve gone. 

3. You are an insult to me, like an abrupt slap on the face. 

(You are a snowman on a warm day, it’s like, you’re melting away.) 

4. You are my lower back ache in the morning, like I’ve slept on a cold bare floor. 

5. You are the opportunity missed. Like: the crumbled scrap paper that never made it into the trash-bin. 

Comely People 

Beautiful frames surrounding the ugliest images, inside.
Of a conscience, a careless conscience. 

A recalcitrant soul, blanketing a selfish heart. 

That no artist with the loftiest of  imaginations or with any brush in hand could paint.

Lite Thinking 

Peoples direct intentions often aren’t to hurt you or anyone. But, often a persons intent is so satisfy their own happiness. 

The Date (High Expectations)

I was staring at the phone all day, after our night together. 

Awaiting contact from you, a call, an e-mail, a text. 

Fatuous isn’t the only thing I’d be had I held my breath. 

An evening gone well or so it seemed. 

Dinner, a walk, smiles, heavy conversation and laughter makes the distant shorter between you and me. 

A dream of what life’s to be like, now you maybe in it. 

Am I too wrapped up too soon?

We said our goodbyes, a long night together, now over.

The Machine 

I am one of one million cogs, turning in an old machine.

I work,

I click,

I just gracefully continue turning.

I do not question who built me or for what reason why. 

For in the same moment that I do.

If I stand still to ponder, 

If I stop–

Again, ponder a question…

The machine will break down.

A Good Read

End your night with ‘Little She and Brown Bear.’ A rhyming short-story that details and little girls love of her stuffed teddy bear, a desire for it to be real and her dreams of happy- sometimes frightening adventure.
This piece takes me back to childhood, where will it take you?

Reblogging, sharing, likes and thoughts left in the comment section are highly appreciated. 

The Figth 

Thank you all that have helped me today, sharing my blog, liking and commenting. It means more than the words I could write. But, please let’s keep it up. Let’s break records and win the fight! 

There is love here- equality, sex and pain. To one of these I’m so sure you can relate. Here you’ll read of truth, the good in evil; the evil in good, of wisdom, happiness and hope. There’s something for every one check it out, today! 
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