Eisele Cunningham

Monday Mornings

No Getting Over Him

There seems to be no getting over him.

His strength,

His will,

The stubborn unkindness.

His choice to have you wait on a choice he could make today.

The lies.

His excuses.

The paralyzing fear he maybe your last chance at “doing this.”

His being there when he wants;

His avoidance when you’re in need.

His arrogance.

He’s bold,

You long for the day he’ll make you feel you belong.

He’s the one—

Sterling example of what is wrong.

And if you ever thought:

He’ll never change…

You’re right.



If I open this letter from you to read

It could only have for me one of two things…

Something beautiful,

Something fragrant—

Something that will last only a moment

Or something ugly— moreover something unbecoming.

That will live in me a lifetime.

Being Single

Being single says nothing negative about a person. It doesn’t decrease ones intelligence, mark down their beauty, suggest that they’re selfish- undesirable or unaccepting in anyway. (Unless for you it does and perhaps you’re now willing and ready to change.)

Despite however cliche the next few lines may come-off, today I’m thinking… being single, scratch that- still being single implies that it’s just not time. Doesn’t mean there won’t come ‘the time.’

Now, moments like: meeting some stranger at a bar, a wine club or coffee house and becoming wrapped up in a breathtaking smile or welcoming eyes will continue to happen. And you’ll truly think, because you can’t stop thinking about said stranger and such an encounter that you’re a hopeless-unhealthy-desperate-obsessive romantic with attachment issues. Rather than getting down on yourself about natural feeling, be excited you still have those sparks in you. Because once the real thing comes along, when those alarms sound, you’ll without a doubt recognize the difference.


Stop being a person who only points out problems, but never offers any sound solutions.

Final Bells

Alarms went off inside my body…

I was touching you

As you suggested

As I already have but only ever in dreams

Alarms went off inside my body

While you sat between my legs


Telling me about the last time

You “got lucky”

This just before you took off your shirt

And laid on your belly in my bed

I did every thing I knew to do

Rub your shoulders

Caress your arms

You turned over

I moved farther down…

I did only what I knew to do

All that you allowed me too

It made me feel good to make you…

An alarm must have gone off in your head

Because you pulled yourself back and then you ran

I’ll never tell you for how long I cried that night alone

Where you left me in bed


There you are

Here I am

You’re so close but so far

All we are is friends

And that’s just not enough

When it’s strong, I mean it is strong

I can’t wait

Please take my love

I’ve carried this too far for far too long

But you don’t see

You don’t see me

I’m in as deep as I can be


You gain perspective with experience.

What Happens in Vegas…

I probably would have married you… had you truly asked.

My heart was up for auction, and there aren’t many buyers out there.

(Which of those statements makes you more sad?)

Vegas, I loved you because I knew It wouldn’t last.

To My Monster,

I’m up all night without you.

Your bittersweet kiss

It drowns me.

I fall dead each time I have to threw you away.

And still I’d rather not live any other way.

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