Eisele Cunningham

Monday Mornings


She will only speak to me during twilight

It’s just far enough from real

It is I that allows the wheel to keep spinning this way

                             She knows that I 

                                     Could never let her go…


is as old as God

Though the nature of God 

I’ll truly never see 

Still truth seems his twin identity

Just as sound 

Coming when you’re in need

So why am I certainly weary

It can’t 

It won’t 

Endure as much 

As long as he..

Perhaps that’s only my insecurity…

Note to self:

When you chase two rabbits, you catch niether. 

Rambling (No Regrets)

You live, you make choices and if you’ve paid attention, you learned. 


I couldn’t lie– I’d thought about it.

Dreamt of it.

Was forced to count my regrets because of it.

Longed for it,

Lusted after it– I felt I had lost my mind because of it.

Hated myself for falling for it!

But now,


I am away from it.

It’s been months–

Haven’t seen it,

I never speak of it.

I think I may actually be over it.

That, or it’s hidden somewhere deep inside…

My Mistake

I fell in love with a unicorn



Graceful and fair 

The love of my life was that unicorn 


Alighted with perfection 




Even the Lord’s Angels betrayed him. 

He who is the purest love of all. 

What pedestal do we- mere man have to stand on?


I’ve got more than a thousand opinions, but who has the time to listen and I’ve lost the will to explain. 


I can’t tell you the type of person I am– that’s obviously for others to decide.

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