Commonly Said 

A pen in my hand,

And a million thoughts race through my head.

As I am thinking of you.

These are things that are commonly said.

Laying in bed, dreaming of you, Wishing I’d never wake again…

Things that are commonly said.

I’d swim an ocean just to meet you,

I’d go out hunting just to feed you.

These are things that have been said.

I’d be your light through the darkness if you traveled by ship.

My home would be the hospital where you’d lay if you were to become sick.

If you had amnesia, I could tell you who you are;

A kind soul,

Who is wise and with nothing more than a look, others you’ve charmed.

With an amazing smile and even more beautiful heart!

If you were to see me write this, I’d ask you to look away.

I wouldn’t want you to see me weak

Because I’ve given you all my strength

All these things you’ve read are common, 


I know.

But the emotions that have driven me to write this are original.


From the heartbreaker’s perspective: 

I pushed

And I pushed 

And pushed. 

I wanted more than you were able to give and what you didn’t… 

I took. 

Perhaps that’s why you could never truly love me?

I know that is now why it’s over. 

You politely asked for space-

I Instead chased you as you walked away. 

From the heartbreaker’s perspective: 

You once said I love too hard. 

So, there in lies the flaw. 

I wasn’t told that you wanted anything 

And I, so arrogant to tell you what you need. 

Now I have lost a friend and the family. 

I am so sorry. 

From the heartbreak’s perspective: 

I should have given up.

I could not turn you into all that I wanted 

So I made this all your fault. 

There are always two sides to a truth and I believe this is yours. 

From my past love’s perspective: 

I pushed

And pushed 

And I pushed 

My desire to make you better made everything worse. 

From my heartbreaker’s perspective: 

My incorrigible actions, laid the weight and took its toll. 

Falling so much in love with you was never a goal. 

My past love’s perspective: 

I was obsessed,

I was rapacious,

I was simply a jerk. 

I do apologize for plunging my needle in to you,

And pulling until the veins collapsing. 

From the heartbreaker’s perspective:

I pushed 

And I pushed, 

And pushed. 

It hurt. 

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I Have this Love 

Love me… Right. 

What’s the matter with you? 

Hold me… Tight. 

Why must I tell you what todo? 

You smile for the purpose of hiding truth

Your smiles aren’t hiding things well.

I can see all that hurts in your eyes.

Love stories go, on so much deeper than I could write for you to see. 

I do not care to play a losing game… 

You’re avoiding me. 

I have this love, 

I could give you strength 

I could keep you living 

But you have to want the same 

I have this love 

So strong as steel and is as real as rain 

You must want the same? 

I’ll love you…


Until it’s fixed what the matter is with you.

I will hold you…


There is nothing I wouldn’t do, if you told me too. 

A Month of Nights 

I must have worked a month of nights Preparing this all for you. 

A clean house 

In new clothes,

Dinner ready and kept warm for you while you drive home. 

I must have worked a month of nights 

Awaiting your arrival here.

Your appreciation, 

An accolade,

To say, “Welcome home…” and that, “I love you.” And in-turn, you say the same. 

I must have worked a month of nights

On my knees in the front garden,

Planting seeds that were meant to grow with us,

Repairing the holes time made in the roof 

And the rotten stair that I had once fallen through.

I must have worked a month of nights 

Separate floors, 

Newly furnished 

Paintings hanging 

A few mirrors on the wall to enlarge the room. 

All my efforts meant to please you.

I must have cried a thousand nights 





And pacing. 

We were never going to share this home. 

All my labors were wasted time. 

Bad Words 

People think them Some say them 

A bad word,

Bad words. 

Perhaps it’s time I brought this conversation to the table 

Been called a Nigger

And maybe a Faggot

You, a ‘Dyke’ 

Some twisted variation of whore and cunt. 

But what, what are the criterium, the actions necessary to be called one of the above?

I know when you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion

With haste they think to, no, call you stupid or dumb. 

A bad word, 

Bad words 

Where have they all come from?

On the school yard and classrooms, in private meeting rooms at the office…

From the conscience of cantankerous misanthropes, 

Out of the mouths of men and women considered racist? 

A bad word

Bad words, shit, what makes them fit? 

Am I only a nigger if I act like one,  

Only a faggot if you allow anyone to treat you as such. 

Bitch, whore, jerk. 

Sticks and stones…

If bad words hurt no one, people would not use them so fucking much!

Spic, jap, Oreo, cracker. 

Do you think one feels more superior, better, stronger after slandering the character of someone. 

A Bad word.

Some friends use them, categorized as an “endearing term.”

Which bad word? 

All of them. 

So many bad words 

Not often thought of 

And don’t mean anything until they’ve hurt someone.