Eisele Cunningham

Monday Mornings

I’m Looking For Someone

Who’ll dance with me until the end of the song life has chosen for me.

Even when the melody lags or is a bit off key.


Falling Out of Love

I used to write these long and what i thought were soliloquies

For you

That you’d never read


I don’t waste the time

Until The First Time

When we we’re low we’d get high

I’ve never seen such smiles curtail the distance between two creatures

Until I allowed your demons in to play with mine

Not even with a gun pointed at me

Had my heart pounded so heavily

Until the way you looked at me

Just before the first time you made love to me

When I Am Down

I’m falling apart in your hands


Listening to every word you’d say that keeps me hoping

I was falling apart

Being in love with you

And you watched it all happen

From afar you’d stand

I suppose it was fun for you

Did I deserve it

Your brash treatment

when I never lied

I never promised you anything I wouldn’t do

But you lied to me

You promised me you’d treat me— see me differently

But now I see

When I am down, lying on my back

That— that is the only time you recognize me

There’s Still Love Here

You were the one that I wanted

But you were a different person then

And perhaps

So was I

It’s sometimes hurtful when people change

But there’s still love here

But it’s best that the two of us keep moving forward

Out of the broken windows and unhinged doors

Leaving the memories and forgetting materials on the floor

There’s still love here

But we don’t fit together

Doesn’t make any less of our past

But for the sake of both our futures

Let’s not push for anything more


I’ve decided to forgive you
And it’s just the best thing for me I can do
My dissatisfaction
The disappointment
This disease called love
It’s only distracting me


Getting your life together, takes a lifetime. Be proud of the day-to-day!

The Risk We Take

No one could ever predict, if the possibility of love is worth the definite heartbreak.


Sanity is knowing when you’re overwhelmed.

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