Eisele Cunningham

Monday Mornings

Fates’ Knot

The rope I climbed into this Earth on 

I could never climb again

Knots have unraveled 

And I’ve come undone 


Trying to stand. 

I fell attempting to walk

I Sprinted- out of breath. 

Toward an answer:

Every thing is mercurial in life

Change is capricious,

Constant and inevitable.

I’m in love one moment 

Then hate- it seems all I am cable of doing the next. 

Certain one day 

Then I’ll spend a month, entirely perplexed!

The rope, I now think I may have fallen from gave me life 

There is no turning around-

No climbing out 

Just the current burn and if I’m lucky: then after, the healing.

Until I meet the knot that The Fates have tied themselves telling me when I’ve accomplished… 


Or had enough.

Best In Poetry 

A very special thank you to all those who took the time to vote for my piece ‘The Struggle of Choice,’ nominated for a Stories Choice Award, 2016! Because of your hard work. This happened: 

It was a bit nerve wrecking, waiting for the results, but what a weight lifted when I opened the Editors e-mail. Sigh… What an honor! 

Everyone have a great day! 



My Girl…

is the very meaning of free and beautiful 

She loves her family 

Her friends 


Crystal too. 

And when she’s down she calls for her 

Rather than me 

or one of you 

My girl lives in a world where the weather doesn’t change

She’s all heart 

With Soul 

And a resilient attitude 

But when she’s down she leans on her

Not me 

Not you 

I can’t fix her

I make things worse trying to make them better

She not all here to listen

And I’ve lost something trying to save her








Questioning my own sanity

Alone although you’re standing right next to me

Empty even more so when you’re inside me  

The tears I can’t help the tears 

I carry a morbid desire 

I gave into curiosity 

Not your fault 

Can’t say It’s not my fault

You call out to me 

I cannot be weak 





You’re still next to me

I won’t allow you to hurt me

Because you are hurting

Last chance!

Hey guys! 

So, today ins your last chance to make you vote count! Please visit the link and VOTE for “the Struggle of Choice” nominated for a stories choice award! 
Love you all, 

Just a little Further 

I know most of you are total exhausted by me with the posts– but we’re getting down to the wire! 
Vote for the Struggle of Choice currently nominated for a Stories Choice Award, 2016.
You all have been so supportive this far, so let’s push it a little further! Please and thank you! 


The Finals!

We’ve made it! Take some time today to cast you vote for the The Struggle of Choice, nominated for a Stories Choice Award! #bestinpoetry

A special thanks to all those, who’ve made it possible for me to get here. Now get voting! 


Last day of the semifinals 

Well that’s good news… 

Please take time and vote today ‘The Struggle Of Choice’ nominated for a Stories Choice Award!!

Words from the editor 

If you haven’t, today is your last chance to vote ‘The Struggle of Choice’ nominated for a Stories Choice Award award best in poetry , 2016.

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