Promises (Why it’s Beautiful) 

Promise me I’ll one day be able to do the things we see men do for their women on television sets or the silver screens. 

That you’ll say yes to me after I come, like a knight, on horse back. Leaping off, kneeling , then ask I you to marry me. 

Promise me you’ll cry over the jovial spectacle I’ve caused.

I promise you, we’ll one day have it all. 

Promise me the first night we make love, it will be like heaven and hell came crashing into one another. 

God forgives the Devil, while demons and angels become lovers. 

I cannot promise I won’t scream your name. 

You’ll carry plenty of my children and we’ll raise this so well, they’ll all one day be heroes.

I promise we’ll grow old together. 

And if you leave this Earth before me, I’ll follow soon after…

How can I be so sure it will all work out, you asked me.

I reply,

 “Someone has to take that chance, fall deep in love. Remind us why it’s beautiful.”

The Plight of Immaturity

Youth can be a deleterious thing.Full of poor decisions and plain dangerous choices. 

Driving too fast with no where to go

Jumping from a roof without a parachute. 

Youth can be a wasteful time


You’re either a heartbreaker or falling in love all the time. 

Too concern with what’s to come in the future,

Staying up too late

Drinking, and getting high. 

Blocking out the question 

“Will I ever know what it’s like to just be fine?” 

Hard head and thick skinned, “know-it-alls” looking for admiration although we haven’t accomplished anything. 

Youth is no treasure, we’re all unhappy and on the inside suffering. 

Today how will I dress up, stay trendy to adumbrate how alone I feel.  

“No one understands me!” 


Having given no one the opportunity to try. 

Youthfulness is chaos. 

Wanting all the privileges of an adult, but attached none of the responsibilities. 

The grand plight of immaturity.

Youth can be a deleterious thing. 

Full of poor choices, impossible questions, and plain uncertainty. 

I am Life

I am a man, strong one who has made love to many women.I am a woman, fertile, an one who has felt truly loved by a man. 

I am a child, curious and optimistic of the future.

I am the individual, that child has grown into now weary in regards to the future after realizing I am not invincible.  

I am the flower, standing tall above the ground ready to blossom. 

I am the pale hart, majestic trotting through a meadow trampling them. 

I am a sparrow, solo flying. 

I am the veslza, obedient, leaping to gently grab the sparrow from the shy between its jaws.  

I am a pen, in hand that has written a letter, 

I am the paper, on me, words written beautifully. 

I am the carrier, of a sealed letter delivering it to a women at her home. 

I am the sound the seal makes when it is broken 

I am anticipation and then then tears dancing against her face. 

I am the solace a mother needs as she sends her sons off to war 

I am the acceptance a father needs to bless the man how seeks to marry his daughter. 

I am the chair that is sat on, when a body needs to rest. 

I am the wind passing by you, the air lungs take. 

I am falling into love 

I am the heartbreak

I am the future 

I am time that is now past

I am the sky 

I am the sea 

I am the land in between 

I am life and all is me.

In The Arena of Sex : Her

He’ll lay you down gently- Nervous and such 

On the firm fresh bedded mattress in his parents house. 

You’ll begin to undress him as he undresses you. 

Fumbling with his protection, you take it from him, then carefully place it on. 

Moist flesh- curious mind. 

Wild imaginations. 

You’ll wonder what he’s thinking. 


Slowly, tell him slowly, he must take his time, be ginger it is the first time. 

He’s like nothing you’ve ever felt.

Shivering, sighing. 

Your nails drag down his back. 

Accredit to 

Heavy pressure and tightening flesh. 

For you, just a second it will hurt. 

For him, he’ll feel it’s a life time. 

In due time it will become better 

No virgin is a natural in the arena of sex. 

In The Arena of Sex: Him

Lay her down gently 

On a firm fresh bedded mattress 

It’s home, the bedroom. 

Undress her as she undresses you. 

If she grabs for your protection- have her place it on. 

Harden flesh- immature mind, 

Wild imagination.

No more imagining, she is real. 

Slowly, slowly, it’s warm inside. 

Just like nothing you’ve ever felt… 

Nervous, shivering,

Her nails drag down your back. 

Accredit to  

Flushed cheeks and curtailed breaths…

For you it may feel like a life time, 

Sadly for her a painful second. 

In due time it does become better. 

No virgin is a natural in the arena of sex.

Pillars Of life

Relationships/Love: platonic, romantic and familiar. And in my personal opinion, most importantly the relationship, the love you have with yourself. 
Career: are you ambitious, a fighter, a deliverer of action after your word, reliable, are you responsible? 
Faith: your religious following, your beliefs, do they motivate you or possibly hold you back?


Acceptance, I’d consider this a form of trust, trusting others, accepting though there’s alway the possibility of a lie. Trusting yourself and your ability to overcome obstacles, whether great or small. Accepting there are things about yourself you simply cannot change, both mentally and physically.
 “Which of these is most important for you on your journey through life? 

What were they when you were younger, what are they now that you’re older and hopefully wiser?” 
I asked my close friends the very same- well, a more airy form of the questions. 
We’ll begin with Faith, an answer I honestly expected to see more. But saw very little. Perhaps if all my friends and I weren’t millennial’s the amount of that retort may have been different. As new generations come, science and technology advance so it maybe possible that many of us have begun to think we’re too intelligent for a God. Or too occupied with our own very tangible, very difficult, very mercurial day-to-day life to consider kneeling and speaking to someone were were told as children lives in the sky. Only to discover later, may or may not be there. 


Career, don’t we all want to be successful, gain the respect from our peers, mentor others or even make our parents proud. For many of us success translates to earning a million bucks, being the executive director of a company, head of the board- but how many are brave enough to sacrifice their youth for a future as such. How many people have been brave enough to do so, but there was unfortunate overslaugh because someone less experienced, but well connected was offered the position. How do you reframe from giving up? 
Accepting, just three short syllables, but this word is so heavy, because it’s so very hard to do. Accepting others, and their flaws as being apart of who they are, trusting them. Then there is trusting and accepting yourself, learning to live with your very own flaws. How does anyone do that?


And last, but far from least: Love/Relationship. Most of us, if not all want to be in it- love. Have someone special, someone you can say, “I love you” too, someone mature, your kind of beautiful and ready to say it in return. But there are multiple types of love. And love changes based on the status/label of the relationship, correct? The love you have for a friend or friends is very different than the love you have for your romantic partner. The love you have for your partner, is very much the opposite of love you share with your family. Then there’s self love. 

I suppose you could say this is acceptance reworded. So I’ll rebuttal, love only comes after acceptance. Agree? Accepting your flaws, the good in you without being bombastic and the bad in you, with the absence of self-loathing. I understand, difficult concepts, but not impossible to manage. In regards to flaws and your accepting them: If you don’t believe in you, love you, why and how could I, or anyone else? 
I challenge you to help me answer these questions. Have I missed something? Tell me, in life what is most important to you?  

In the System (Women and Men) 

Men get a bad rep.

Although we’ve hunted,

Made history.  

And crafted tall buildings.

We help in the pleasure of creating babies.



Make peace.

Formed God and made him man.

But men, we get a bad rep. 


We’ve run from our responsibilities, 

Abandoned children.

We’ve raped- cheated, and told a circle of lies. 

Would someone please forgive my sex? 

Women get a bad rep.

Although they’ve gathered 

Made history 

Carried unto this Earth babies.

Stayed strong,


Believed in God and accepted he’s man.  

And kept their tongue even when they knew they were told lies. 

But women do get a bad rep.


They have abandoned responsibilities,

Aborted babies,

And seduced for gain. 

Then lied about their conquest, so to circumvent public shame.

But, could someone please forgive this sex? 

In a world full of turmoil and trepidation, neither gender is without fault. 

But, it can be arduous to submit to that truth when your thoughts are clouded by the guise of feminism or misogyny. 

Some women preform as a victim;

Some men view it as their divine right to seize control. 

How did we come here? 

Weren’t there better roads to travel?  

Man against woman-

But, men we need them. 

Woman against man-

But, women you need these men.

Feminist essays, articles, and speeches addressing equality.

But what the hell is equal? 

Bigoted male, accosts his female leader with words- “Bitch!” he calls her…

Although she is only assertive in her intellectual properties. 

Respect, tolerance is all- no that’s all too difficult. 

I concede. 

The lioness does the hunting, the lion still takes a lions share;

The male seahorse bares the children.

In their same three dimensional world 

I’m not finding any argument there. 

Nature fashioned us and characteristics out of selection. 

I am man, and although I did not ask to be. 

I have no choice but to take my place in the system.

Then here comes woman, but not beneath me, nor be hide. Please, throw away your disquietude and stand at my side.