Eisele Cunningham

Monday Mornings

Wasted Love

Is it wrong to feel betrayed by you

Simply because you do not love me the same way that I love you

I have other reasons resting on the cleavage of my mind but that…

Wasted love unravels me

I accepted your apologies

Although they were weak

And I applauded your unrehearsed lies

How did I fall so deep

Get stuck chasing your foot steps in wet pavement…

You do not care

And It hurts that I do



Most of us are the best liars we know— it’s why we feel so betrayed once another wolf, more cunning pulls the wool over our eyes.

I Am (Good Enough)

I am whole

But not so whole that I can completely turn around

Look into the mirror and not find a reason for momentary sadness.

I am a curious spirit

In search for love and happiness and what it means to live with it.

Only curious

Not naive

I understand that along my search it’s likely

I’ll be disappointed and my heart could be broken.

I am confident

But never arrogant

I am simply reassuring you of what I know.

I am a cup of emotion

But not spilling over

These carefully selected words and phrases are spoken to help you understand

I am a man

But not one so strong I can’t ask for a hand

I am good enough

And that is all I need to be

Because even after my telling people who I am

People will still judge me.

Like Smoke

Uncertain if you ever wanted me to be your man

Maybe I was convenient

Perhaps I was only an instrument meant for fun

But I certainly needed to be apart of something-

I needed comfort from someone

So like smoke I lingered

In the air around you




Leaning into you

So that you’d carry me home

Without my having to ask you too

I Stopped…

I said no to you

After saying yes to things of which I’d otherwise never agree too

I walked away from you

After running to you at the drop of a dime

I held back my tears

After creating many lakes

I made a proper decision

After years of countless mistakes

I stopped digging the hole

Where I’d jump in

Foolishly hoping it would be the same as falling in love

I gave my mind a break

I occupied every ounce of my time

After I’d wasted so much- steadfast thinking of you

I allowed my lungs to breath

I opened my eyes to see

I stopped

Obsessing over you

At the behest of my broken heart

There’s Someone Else

Cold wind

Arid flames

We cuddle comfortably just between the two

I wonder what she’s thinking

I prayed soon she’ll kiss me

Hurt, I know she’ll never ask me to be her number one.

Sand moved as it does…

Crawling up and inside places

From which we’ll be removing it for weeks.

And in every gain I’ll see her face

Winds became colder

To which fire stood no chance

Where did I stand?

How can I feel I’m in love with her and only be her friend!?

Our bodies moved closer

I know she loves it when I hold her.

Kiss her head

She softly says, ‘Don’t…’

And I know why:

There’s someone else… who’s never there.


A job without any level of difficulty, does not serve you.

There’s No Place Else I’d Rather Be

She gets me so excited

She makes me nervous

Gives me calm and brings me anxiety

I’d even forgive her were she to ever hurt me…

With her

In her arms

In her pull

In love with her

Whether or not she’s in love with me

There’s no place else I’d rather be


Stop allowing what will never be perfect, get in the way of what is good.

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