As if I were her (For F.Y.) 

You fuckin’ Sweet talkersYou all know exactly what to say 

When to, and how.

Like a poison inside 

Your seductive words, creeping through my blood, clouding my mind. 

I am the only beautiful girl in the world while I am hearing you 

But when you are away I’m afraid I can’t help but think who else are you saying things too? 

Why do I crave your rehearsed verses, 

I know that I can not trust you.  

Heavy, meaningless words 

Carried by a woman of action. 

At least it’s the standard I once held myself too. 

My mom told me to stray from boy who left me feeling the way you do. 

“Young girl, don’t get wrapped up in their sweet nothings.” is what she’d say to me. 

But when he whispers the words are so loud. 

I even hear him, writing this now. 

He cast all his spells just through the telephone 

I feel the spark,

The electricity

It’s Flagrant,  


Diluting the distance 

As if you’re here, lying just beside me. 

You pull away, I am forced to pretend…

The closer you move

I fall again.

I should know better

I was taught better  

But I ignore what’s better

Sweet talker, you should know…  

That I could do better

As A Friend

Love is no matter I dame to conquer. It is unsinkable, 


It is war, 

The weapon. 

And Peace. 

Love is no matter I dare wish exist inside me again.  

But, love is no matter I dare resist.

Love’s arrow has pierced the thickest of skin. 

Love has caused the newest of souls to sooner meet their end. 

Love is no matter I dame to conquer 

I’d rather not make love my enemy when it hasn’t yet known me as a friend. 

I am Alive 

Sunlight light cascades ‘cross my face, hurting my eyes. I am happy that I am alive

Breath quickly enters and exits my two lungs

Every moment is a war

I am still alive, so I have won.

I have tasted something awful as I sit down and eat. 

I am alive happy to taste anything. 

There are ditches in the road, shaking my body within a car. 

But I am alive, so I drive on. 

Rain comes down heavy, blinding me against everything. 

I feel every cleansing drop roll down my skin. 

I am alive, I am happy. 

I hear a song on the radio, it is not my favorite.

But I hear something. 

I am alive, I am happy. 

I recall every ache lost love had caused, 

But I am alive, purely excited to feel at all. 

I had a nightmare last night as I dreamed, but I woke up. 

Alive and happy. 

I am now reading a letter that has made me cry. 

Still I am happy, I am alive.

In a Vacant Church 

In a vacant Church… 
“Have you come to confess your sins?”
A Priest question to you. 
Seated still,
Beyond the dark gauze which separates you two. 
“Have you come to confess your sins?
From your past, of the present…
Have you anything?
Broken hearts, and broken bodies falling out of hidden closets.
A misshapen sight of one’s self seen in well kept mirrors?”
What a reflection looks like when the soul is creeping out. 
“Have you anything that concerns you? 
I take it you’ve come here for a reason…
What madness brought you crawling here, what madness brought you here to hide?
Do you believe in yourself, in your own abilities too much? 
Envy: a glutton for jealousy. 
Gluttony: You fail to stop, when you’ve had the share of a Lion and his Cubs. 
Lust: You ”make love” to the point of addiction.  
Is it 
Is it
Is it
Sloth: Body, conscious, beyond fatigued. Avoidance of all physical and spiritual work, no care, no accountability.”
Negative actions do have their impact.
“Have you anything to confess?
Seated still beyond the darken gauze separating us.” 
There in a vacant church.
And for the final time, the priest praying to provide solace asked, 
“Haven’t you a thing to confess?”


I may have been more weak than each soul surrounding me. 

But, acting strong was my greatest straight. 

You never once saw the ways you hurt me. 

And you’ll never know if I cried. 

My pretending to be strong… 

Was found quite helpful, 

It hurt you. 

Plenty revenge in my eyes.