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Best In Poetry 

A very special thank you to all those who took the time to vote for my piece ‘The Struggle of Choice,’ nominated for a Stories Choice Award, 2016! Because of your hard work. This happened: 

It was a bit nerve wrecking, waiting for the results, but what a weight lifted when I opened the Editors e-mail. Sigh… What an honor! 

Everyone have a great day! 



My Girl…

is the spitting image of free and beautiful 

She loves her family 

Her friends 


Crystal too. 

So when she’s down she calls for her 

Rather than me 

Or one of you.

My girl lives in a world where the weather doesn’t change

She’s all heart 

With Soul 

And a resilient attitude 

But when she’s down she leans on her

Not me 

Not you– 

I can’t fix her

I make things worse trying to make them better

She not all here to listen

And I’ve lost something trying to save her








Questioning my own sanity

Alone although you’re standing right next to me

Empty even more so when you’re inside of me  

The tears I can’t help the tears 

I carry a morbid desire 

I gave into curiosity 

Not your fault 

Can’t say It’s not my fault

You call out to me 

I cannot be weak 





You’re still next to me

I won’t allow you to hurt me

Because you are hurting


There was a door to which I found no key. 

There was a veil past which I could not see. 

There I held a lantern in hand which brightened no halls for me.

And it was there in my time of ponderous distress I vowed I’d keep going. 


It only took a moment before I felt the cold…
After opening the refrigerator door.

Note to self: 

Say nothing more.

Happy Voting! 

Guys, if you haven’t already voted, vote now! For my piece, ‘The Struggle of Choice’ which is nominated for a Stories Choice Award, 2016!

Stories Choice Award

‘The Struggle Of Choice’ has been nominated for a Stories Choice Award!! Category: Best in Poetry. The difference here is: this time, you can vote! 

The link below is where you get your chance to cast a vote(s) for Best in Poetry, Flash Fiction and more! All the nominees are incredible, so I do hope you’ll take a bit of time out of one of your next few days to vote for me or maybe the others!

Please be sure to vote and share!!

Wishing you all the very best, 


Writing Challenge: Inferno

In ten words, using the term ‘inferno’ write a piece that speaks to you and maybe others. Let me know how I did! 

Okay, Writeallywrite — challenge accepted!

Drawing me in…

Inferno; “STOP! I’ve frozen all who’ve touched.”

That was pretty fun! Thanks for asking me to partake of this! 



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