If 10 thousand hours makes you an expert at anything

Then I must be an expert at misery

I have spent 10 thousand hours crying and worrying

I wonder what else could I have mastered

What else could I have done

In Lieu of those 10 thousand hours spent hurting because of love

Could I have cured cancer by now

Cracked world hunger

Maybe for third world countries provided a sustainable source of potable water

10 thousand just hasn’t come and gone

I knew I should have gotten up

But it feels impossible to stand the same after love knocks you to the ground

I think I could have been an astronaut

Or like Forest Gump ran the entire earth with a cause

Shit, I think I could have saved the world

But I was chasing love

More accurately someone who did not have it

10 thousand

10 thousand hours spent

Practicing a bad habit