Couldn’t have imagined I’d ever loath closure.

In retrospect: mystery gave the possibility of a You and I a chance.

A chance to go the distance,

While we were distant.

Time to grow fawn of the details in one another’s day.



And interested in me!

All the character I ever needed to think I’ve fallen in love…

Never thought I’d hear myself say: I regret getting closure.

A receipt that things were good.

But… they’re over.

My imaginative wilds could run nowhere.


“Nice to have met you”

Hurts like a wasp’s sting


“This decision was nothing personal…”

You chose someone else instead of me…

How do I not take that personally?

I would not have imagined I’d ever loath closure;

Our solidarity.

Perhaps I should be grateful… you are the first who had the courtesy to say goodbye to me.