Friday came and went. I could bore you with the details but that would just be cheap.


Her and I mostly sat on the couch, watched a series of children shows, the news and horror films. We talked a lot and at some point we each cried for our own very personal reasons.


Saturday, sadly with a good time

trouble came.

To the closest liquor store

A bottle of wine,

A bottle of vodka…

One more bottle of wine, why not!?

It’s been ages since I’ve seen my very best!

Back to the house,

Turn on the radio,

Turn up volume— all the way up!

I began to sing,

She danced.

This was 1 or 2 maybe 5 shots later and the chaser was that sweet wine.

We talked,

We talked,

She tired.

I danced.

We drank some more…

I put her to bed.

I cleaned up as she asked.

Provocation: rid the house of any and all evidence.

B hates it when we drink.

I blacked out in bed.

I heard the door open, my best walked in, slowly.

I had begun to ask,

“Is everything thing-“

Tears in my best’s eyes.

“We have to go…” she sobs. Then continues, “B knows…”