Ironic, huh?… the word home?

I only “Moved in” on a Thursday afternoon.

That’s after my best was two hours late picking me up from the depot.

A one and half hour drive back to her home.

All the while I was acting strong and she didn’t want to trigger anything that could have caused me upset.

Pulled into her driveway — Parked.

Walked into the house and thanked my best friend for being my savior!

A shower and laundry were my first priorities.

I never thought I’d be so excited to have warm water and scented soaps rush over my naked body.

After completing both.

I asked to be taken to the local grocer…

I wanted to cook, my way of saying thanks! But B, her husband is quite meticulous, he’d rather not have anyone touch his stove…

Things were a tad awkward but, I over looked those feelings.

I assumed it was just my over active imagination, I mean I haven’t seen them in 3 years.