I miss you

And I have cried a little…

The way you said, “I love you” for the first time, quite out of sync with our conversation

I would be a fool to believe it

I started drinking ’round 1 am

I questioned choices I’ve made in the past:

Who I gave my body to; more importantly my heart.

I watched a film that hit too close to the chest

I turned it off to fall asleep

And while in REM:

I dreamt about good times had 

I dreamt about horrors I’ve faced and survived

I dreamt of comfortable solitude

I dreamt of sturdy friendships

And of emptiness

I dreamt of God. 

He seemed, ehh… upset

He always made me feel… (breathe)… well, humiliated. 

I dreamt of the Devil, he was always accepting.

I dreamt of birth, of the life in between- of death

I dreamt that I was better- better than who ever it is that I currently am

I woke

Thinking of you

I have been missing you

Yes, I’ve even been crying too

The way you said, “I love you” for the first time

I’d be a fool not to believe you