I have your picture, that you gave to me The one you signed, “with love” and said that you’ll never leave.

The only thing different 

The only thing new 

I have your picture 

He has you 

I have those movies, that we used to share 

And they all still look just the same 

As when you were sitting here

But the only thing different 

And the only thing that’s new 

I have those movies 

He has you

I’ve got our memories

Or perhaps they’ve got me 

I can’t say that I know 

But I know they light a fire inside me

I have your scent here 


It’s still as calming and floral as the day you came to lay with me 

The only different 

The only thing new 

I got just your scent lingering 

He’s got you 

I have your promises

That you’d always be here

What a shame on me: 

I thought that you cared

The only thing different 

All that is new 

I have your broken promises

He has you

My attempt to avoid overt attachment has consistently failed me

I have only a picture 

Your scent on my sheets

I have those movies we used to shared

The memory of songs we would to sing

And I still have the ring…

The only thing different 

The only thing that’s new 

I’ve got these little things 

He’s got you