I am only as old as I can remember

And I must be getting along because I don’t remember much

I don’t remember my birth 

And not the time the doctor spanked my ass or pricked my finger 

But somehow I remember my first rash of misquote bites

I remember having a batman lunchbox, some t-shirts and the underwear 

I couldn’t tell you where it all went

But I’ve bought new underwear. 

I remember thinking my mother was the living breathing Wonder Woman

She held me up so high

I can’t recall who I thought she’d become before her letting me down 

I don’t remember the first lie I was told

Only how anger I became once uncovering the truth

I can’t quite remember the first lie I told 

But how quickly I sought forgiveness after they’d discovered what I’d done

My very own wrong doing helped place peoples reasoning in prospective

I remember loving ice cream as a child

I can’t remember why I hate it now 

I remember why I held on to my virginity for so long 

But, I couldn’t tell you why I let it go…

I am only as old as I can remember 

And I must be getting along because I keep forgetting

Forgetting that the past effects the present and the present effects the future

And even though we’re taught to only tell it we must be always careful with the truth

I remember when I fell 8 feet to the ground from a tree

And my thinking nothing would ever hurt this bad 

Then I had my heart broken…

I remember my first time drinking

After being fettle swearing: 

                    never again will I make this mistake 

Wasn’t long after that I was drinking just enough everyday

I cannot remember all my mistakes 

Thinking on them even now is slowing me down

Failed relationships

Who was right

Who was wrong

I can’t remember or even repair everything 

But I do my best at remembering it’s important to move along