Eyes on me Thoughts judging

Because I do it with friends, but more often by myself 

To relax 

To suppress 

To smile if there was a ever a day filled with stress 

You stand in my face 

Talk behind my back 

I do what I do because it makes me feel better 

I like it 

That is that 



The pursuit of… 

The games we have to play 

I am hurting no one 

Allow me my freedom 

Let me do just this

I’ve held back my opinions

Paralyzed my beliefs 

For what? 

Society’s judgment is still there… 

I hope for change 

I work toward it my best 

I vote for change 

That decision doesn’t lay in my hands 

Eyes on me 

Thoughts judging me 

Behind close doors 

It’s best todo what it is I enjoy

Society: it’s norms and expectations are constant- keeping me down

Why can’t I get high?