Inching through a forest 
Tried my best not to make a sound

I heard the birds crowing in the tree above me

I felt the worms crawling underneath my feet

I knew that I was dreaming 

I know that I was dreaming

And waking up, it was not the solution

For the thing that haunts me here 

Is amplified on the surface 

What’s worse is, everyone can see 


I walked to and starred into the darkness of a cave

I was prepared to test anything 

For the spark I’ve heard others tell me they’ve felt and found

One that rests beyond its threshold

But, the cave was bare or for a moment it seemed 

I slightly moved forward and there was a pair of eyes, glowing, starring back me 

I saw the mist of its breath 

I heard growls

There was more than one 

I fell down 

The fallen leaves and twigs tear and break beneath me as I struggled to stand 

I turned to run and those eyes bursted from the cave, chasing me 

I ran 

I ran, 

I spilled over rocks and un-manicured grass 

Tripped over my very own feet 

My curiosity compelled me to look back 

I discovered what it- they were

After an inkling of what it would be 

I then turnedmy head with eyes looking forward 

By a low hanging branch, I was knocked-out-cold.

Sure there is no way I’d survive

I laid there, alighted on the cleavage of consciousness 

The one ambiguous creatures crept upon me…

I was 

Eaten by wolves

Disgusted by wolves

Shat out by wolves

All alone…