Woke up in sea of sweat 



Down my belly 

For a moment I thought I’d pissed myself 

Out of bed didn’t want to get up 

Work out

Go to work

On the transit 

Why are you so close to me 

Typically I smile- I swear I do 

But this heat

I cannot find comfort 

Too hot to wear clothes 

Just too hot to make love 

I want to fight 

Even kill 

What’s the reasoning for this weather 

Have we angered God 

Is there’s a land that must be scorched 

I swear I’ll burn it down myself 

This heat 

Startles a sleeping emotion 

This heat 

Runs my insides dry; I’m wet on the outside 

This heat 

Begins a riot 

Water does not help 

Unless I lay with in its waves

But I can’t stay for more than a short time my skin begins to swell 

Am I just to take it 

How the fuck can I relax 

When in my bed

In my chair 

Sinking pools of my sweat 

Heat like this 

Call it necessary 

I will not 

Crazy 110 degrees

locked in my room until night