Tell me the worse nightmare you’ve had as a child 

Tell me a lie you’ve told and have gotten away with- so far. 

A regrettable sexual impulse.

You’re telling me you trust me 

Then spill your guts to me…

Tell me the first thought that comes to mind as you wake

What you think before you fall to sleep

Don’t leave a stone unturned, tell me everything. 

Do you feel comfortable– safe being who you are?

Have you fantasized, things deleterious: physically hurting someone?

What age were when you first touched yourself for the sensation of pleasure? 

What age were you when you shared your innocence? 

Have you broken someone’s heart

Are there apologies you’d like to speak to anyone? 

You say that you trust me, tell me what hides in your light, what you do in the dark… 

Tell me your all 

Your nothing    

The outs and ins of who you are. 

Trust me, 

Tell me.