A film maker, yesterday came and spoke to my students and one of the things he told the students is that there are traditionally three major points in film- three acts. And they essentially breakdown to: 
•Before/what happened, 

•During/what’s happening, 

•The End. 

The speaker grabbed a book from his satchel and showed us its cover. On the cover was a fish looking up to a rubber duck with a blue/green back drop. He asked us all to use that image to create a story using the key points mentioned previously- in 5 minutes. 

Here’s what I came up with. 

A small duck wattled off the muddy land into a lake. 


A fish watching as the duck easily transitioned from the land to the water. Curious and a tad jealous, the fish asked the duck, 

“How is it fair that you are able to travel between the two, while I am forever stuck here. What’s beyond this water I live in?” 


“It was not by choice, my ability to move between what seems like two separate worlds to you. But, understand just as you cannot travel land as I do. I cannot travel deep into the water as you.” 
Answered the unconcerned duck.