Swallowing a mind altering substance.

“Yes” came easy-

And there wasn’t much else to do. 




Nothing but him inside her. 

Faster, faster! 


Get off..” With a slur she says, then adds:

“I’m loosing my buzz.” 

Off her back, sitting up on the bed-

Wrapped a shirt round her body in a shameful manner. 

Stands and approaches her vanity, where the cure is.

She’s pouring herself another. 

Tonight’s partner can’t wait much longer, he stands, then walks to her.

Delivering a poor kiss on the lips- he then goes down. 

Somehow he was great at that. 

Between sighs she is drinks. 

“Your turn.” he says. 

She thinks: 

“I’ve already done that…” 

Then say’s, “I might throw up.”

Thinking again: 

“God, move pass it.”

Still drinking.

He tries to take her glass. 

She pushes him away 

He pulls her close. 

Her shirt falls off. 

He poorly, meaninglessly kisses her again. 

He’s strong her carries her to the bed.

Places her on her back, her cup with the solution to all her issues isn’t very far.

Opening her legs, he asked her: “Could you relax?”

She’s attempts her best.

He’s inside again.

But, this time breathing heavy moving slightly slower. 

He was working so diligently, trying to make her cum- 

He probably won’t. 

She’ll take care of herself once he’s all done.

Her eyes focused on the blurry glass

She tried reaching for it- he grabs her hand.

She allowed him hold on it moment-  

The moments past. 

She lets go. 

Wanting something from the glass where all her troubles end.