I stood before you naked- vulnerable…

That is no metaphor.

I was once filled with love.

But I am no longer.

Not easy looking forward

But, I am not looking back.

I am out of love…

Potentially, completely done with that.

Gym time,

Work day,

Drink when I get home.

Prep dinner for one.

Out of love, just fine being alone.

Friends do ask “Did you meet anybody?”

I reply: “Don’t ask.

I’ve told you, I’m healing- getting my cards in order, putting my train back on the tracks.”

I am out of love…

Happy with that.

Now, I do have my fun

And at times I honestly have been lonely.

But, I do not allow it to consume me.

Surfing websites and swiping right on downloadable apps.

Praying some shallow stranger will like my cropped and filtered picture, will be “The One.”

I am out of love- it is not for me.

It is difficult to look forward.

And I pray I’ll never look back.

Because the moment my heart was broken my soul too spilt in half.

I am out of love…

Loving that.