Held hostage in your bedroom…

I say;

“Fasten the cuffs as tight as you can.”

Why not love me, and love me hard, until the love ends?

Lay atop me,

Pin me down-

Love me!

Until love runs out.

Held hostage, in your bed.

With ropes… chains.

If ever I attempt to leave…

Make me stay.

Lock me up.

Tie me down.

Make your fun of this love.

Make love to my body,

Love my heart.

Love me!

Love me until the love runs out!

Squeeze me tightly,

Taking my last breath.

We now have what we both wanted so badly, we should love like we haven’t another chance.

So if need be- kill me, passionately.

Love me until loves run out.

Tether me to the furnace,

Knock me out!

I mean it: fucking love me, like there’s nothing else!

Happily kept hostage in your house.

This is no syndrome

No S&M.

But I am your target, hitman.

Build me up; tear me down.

Love me, until the loves run out.

Love me until your heart stops

Love me, until from your body the spirit parts

Who could know how long we have

So love me good and right now…

Love me, love me until the love runs out.