I kept my eyes open for you.

I was excited; I kept secret my being frightened by you.

The words you spoke- sweet lies to me.

A life time you promised; the fantasy would not live past that evening.

I did enjoy the rush…

Of just having a feeling.

I kept my eyes open for you.

Within hours, hours…

A stealth rebel I was falling for-

You’d rather ask forgiveness, than for permission to take from my hand and heart.

I was fully overcome by the mystery

Many similarities we shared, a plethora of “me too,” heard after something I shared with you.

The heartbreak you mentioned, like worms on a hook to me.

I knew I’d be caught by the jaw, but it was right there- right there in front of me!

I kept my eyes open for you.
I did not blink; I did not sleep.

I kept my eyes open- fixed on you.

Still I performed as if I were unaware of the evil I knew you would soon do.