No seeds have been planted,
No flowers have grown.
Far be it for any man to create life
If he be watering stone.
Beyond this 24 hours I only have in my day…
No solace,
No sounds
Ease the damages of this pain.
Do you have the slightest idea of what I hold inside?
No laughter,
No joy-
Alone a fearful heart, running wild.
Wanting to destroy the world and all the life that has abandon me.
That’s no longer in front, behind, nor either side of me.
It’s just another thing I’ve forgotten,
Memories made into ghosts.
Along with trust and responsibly,
I fight it, but I miss you the most!
Barren gardens,
Dry river beds and lakes.
This body, phlegmatic.
It can’t cry, it doesn’t break.
No seeds have been planted,
There are no roots in the ground.
Nothing connecting me to the souls I am merely surviving around.