I am whole.

But, not so whole that I can completely turn around

Look into the mirror and not find a reason frown.

I am a curious spirit,

In search for love and happiness and what it means to live with it.

Just curious, naive- no.

I understand that along my search, it is likely…

I’ll be let down and my heart could and will be broke.

I am confident, forgoing arrogance.

I am simply reassuring you of what I know.

I am a cup of emotion,

But not spilling over.

These carefully selected words and phrases spoken just to help you understand-

I am a man.

But, not so strong I can’t ask for a hand.

I am woman, but not one who needs a man.

I am good enough.

And that is all I need to be.

Because even after my telling people who I am…

People will still judge me.