We have got to hope-

Hope, for those who can no longer.

Would someone search for joy, a joy to give back to so many who have lost it along their journey?

Sad fact:

It is not a new phenomenon, our earth being turned upside down by bombs.


How could we ever be allied with another country, while the families who neighbor one another

Can’t peacefully get along?

And we still fight within the human race about the color of skin or who it is we prefer as our religious face.

What chemical in our mind trains us to be this ignorant?

That the reality I have uncovered while living is human spirit has been with haste falling off track.

I am flummoxed by words

Which ones should I use to justify a man beating his wife, or a child in India being raped on a bus with a knife?

We didn’t do it so it’s not our fault, you were endowed with title: police, manager or even president, so it is not your job?

To try and fix things that have gone wrong in your world

What will be left for the next generation of boys and girls?

Evil people aren’t only those who are doing wrong, what kind of person do you think you are

When you do nothing when you see evil being done?

I have got to hope, hope for those who can no longer

And I will cry every time it’s too soon for 6ft to be dug and there’s a child going in.

Will you help me search for joy, because I know we can find it!

Then, we’ll give it back to all those who have lost it.