Write 5 statements that begin: “you are.”
These statements should be about someone you have strong loving feelings for, or someone you essentially hate. Sometimes it maybe both. 

But, then end your thought with a specific- concrete physical image or detail using the term “like.” 

Such as; “like you are a headlight on a northbound train or like you are the soggy cereal at the bottom of the bowl.” 

The objective here is to do this as fast as possible, not thinking too much about the statements. 
1. You are an interesting sight, like the male seahorse who bares the children. 

2. You are fleeting, like a fly stealing my attention. But, when you’ve flown away, I wonder where you’ve gone. 

3. You are an insult to me, like an abrupt slap on the face. 

(You are a snowman on a warm day, it’s like, you’re melting away.) 

4. You are my lower back ache in the morning, like I’ve slept on a cold bare floor. 

5. You are the opportunity missed. Like: the crumbled scrap paper that never made it into the trash-bin.