I know exactly why I replay the saddest love songs… I’ve been hurt- hurt like broken. Play the angry lyrics and pretend to be untouched; strong.

I know exactly why I turn the volume up… 

Tune out all that is around me, focus on the artists depiction of pain. Because I know what I’ve been through was much worse. 

Replay; repeat. I hate that I do this, but it’s the only solace, solace I could not convince my former love, who I still love to bring. 

So empowered, on average: three minutes. And when it’s over… then again I’m broken down. Why, what was the matter with you- with me?

Why are both you and I alone now?

I pray- I want for your happiness.

I only want to let go. 

I think to step into a new light, be different. But, I compare everyone- everything to you. So I am sadly the same wreck I became a year after meeting you. 

These lyrics do hold a power, power unattainable.The artist tells you to, “go to hell” in them, but once they’ve finished writing, without a doubt they’re on the phone calling you.

I know exactly why I love these sad love songs…

Because I am able to fictionalize someone else’s heartbreak, versus living and reliving mine.