Love has been rough with you…Why waste another moment being gentle with it?

Love is a rough creature- caused more war than hate.

Love is a siren, singing upon a shore, calling ships in, but only to crash.

Love was the anchor that wrapped around an ankle.

Dragging man down to the deepest of the ocean and there it’ll leave the body to drown.

Love is darkness hiding in light.

Love is the reason lonely eyes flood at the foot of an empty bed most nights.

Love is not a dainty thing, though it has disguised itself as so.

Love is the comet crashing into the Earth destroying the very little we’ve come to know.

Love, what a dichotomist creature.

Leaving in its wake a labyrinth of skeletons and broken hearts.

Love is Sol’s light nourishing the tree and flower, and, the culprit which caused them both to burn.

Love has not been gentle with us. Love, it has rarely been kind.

And it has been said by both the wise and the dumb- “Love is blind.”

And if that be so, why give it an arrow?

It seems to always miss its mark.

It is love that has caused us to do more wrong than hate could have ever done.

Love is a rough creature, love is a boor!

But, love remains the common thing that all of man is searching for.