‘Well Children,’ September has been ‘Plenty’ interesting. This month I haven’t written much poetry to post here on the blog, but I haven’t stopped writing. I’ve been editing and attempting to evolve my skills of narrative description in the realm of short-story writing. ‘The Natural Mind” was a simple fable I posted that lightly details a dog’s desire for ‘The One-‘ his truest love. He prays to be transformed into a human- his prayer quickly answered by the God Jupiter, but he’s ultimately returned to his quadrupedal form because he couldn’t resist his animal urges. 

My ‘Men then Women,’ if you haven’t read it just yet, check it out, let me know what you think. And trust that there is more to come. 
‘Young Children,’ enduring the ‘The Plight of Immaturity’ check out pieces such as: ‘The Erroneous Beliefs Children Face,” in ‘The Area of Sex,’ both Him and Her. And ‘The Struggle of Choice’ made there. 

‘To My Troubled Friend,’ ‘In the System’ take a close look at the “Pillars of Life,’ or ‘About “The One”.’ ‘I Only Just Suppose’ you’ll find some, ‘Certainty’ after the question, ‘What Determines Love?’ Has been asked. 

‘Divide Me’ and ‘This Reality’ suggest that ‘I Have This Love’ and writing is all I know todo with it. 

It’s a joy that so many appreciate my work, and continue to come back for more. That fact makes me work much harder on creating pieces quite honest and as original as I possibly can. In hope that followers may ‘like,’ then reblog, comment or even share on other social platforms (#Facebook #twitter). And that the words may spark an interest to follow in those that aren’t already. 

I very much enjoy having this WordPress. It’s liberating for me and I’m told very helpful to others. Which is the best part of it all for me while ‘I Am Alive’ in the is world where ‘Bad Things do Happen.’ 
Please keep reading! 
With kind words in mind,