What is there to do other than lay here reminiscent in my sorrow?
What is there to hope for other than calming death?

And if it not be calm, above all else what is most certain?


What must I do other than embrace the fleeting happiness of this world?

What is there to pray for other than the necessary strength to continue living this life?

Evil is easy and prides itself on remaining possible.

While good and its grace are eternally difficult to maintain.
I here admit, that I lack a stance on the subjects presented and my only provocation is that I simply do not know.
When there are those who war for evil and there are those who war for good.
There are those who keep their silence, along with secrets and those maybe the only souls worth warring for.
Too many have so much faith that they have all the answer bursting from the cleavage of their minds.
Could I then choose to only be a leaf following the uncertainty of the winds, rather than a sheep following a Shepard’s lie?