A dog fell in love with a beautiful juvenescent woman, then he quickly howled and begged the God Jupiter to change him into a man so that he may have this woman as his bride. Jupiter in the giving mood that he is often, without debate granted the poor dog with love in his eyes, his wish. The dog was transformed into a man, a very handsome man. Soon after the transformation, he did exactly what he promised he would, he set out to find the woman, cause her to fall in love- she did. He then asked her to join him in marriage, she accepted his invitation. 

Time, steady moved along and the love they both felt for the other grew taller and deeper. Jupiter all the while watching, elated with what he did see. But, as any God’s gift, it never comes without a test. One  day Jupiter decided as the two lay in bed after a night of love making, he directed  a cat into the couples bedroom window. Without hesitation the handsome man stands up then slowly crouching down. The floor was met by both his hands, knees and toes. He began to growl- he darted toward the now frightened cat, barking and yaffing! Jupiter still watching, his jubilation sadly turned to disquietude. He understood that he must turn the man back into a dog. As he saw the dog was only able to change his appearance but not his mind.