A plethora, if not all of us seek the frequently discussed, “deep connection with a special someone.” But, why run yourself ragged- ruining yourself, looking for this “special someone” to love.

I ask you:
Once that love comes, what will you have to offer- that’s after you’ve exhausted yourself, your body, your mind, your heart doing the above?

Take a moment and recall your past romantic relationships. How many of those relationships failed, but you, at some point or another thought he or she was “the one,” one, two, all of them?

That then begs the question, “What of your standards?”

Are you so desperate for someone, you’ll allow anybody to stay? Are you that devoid of love- self love, self esteem, anybody can fill the void?

Ask yourself those questions- I’ll wait…

No matter how prepared you think you are for the future, in any area of life- life and the people surrounding you are far too mercurial to predict. So why, why waste any second (the time it takes to make a sound decision) of today, looking over the fence into tomorrow, for anything?  

We most certainly have to stop mistaking every nice guy or girl and the pretty verses they recite to us as a life long possibility. If we do that, I’m sure we’d spare our minds a lot of restless wondering and our hearts a dose of pain. 

True Love has a personality all its own and it will approach you, only when it’s ready.