September 3, 2014. One year ago today I posted a short story I’d written, titled, ‘Young Children.’ 
The story was inspired by many things, but my main goal was to leave with readers a sense of innocence. Innocence in the form of making the best decisions for your heart and mental health, not just remaining a person who hasn’t lost their virginity. 

In the story the young girl’s confusion came from outside simultaneous, and that was made evident in the line, “she wants to give him what she thinks all boys want.” And she had trouble dealing with the supposed rejection, because that obviously wasn’t true in this situation. The young boy made the decision for both of them too wait. But not before he toyed with the thought of “making love” to her- only he realized he hadn’t any clue what that exactly was. 

This story lightly details the perplexity of the choosing to have sex or abstain from sex. ‘Young Children’ quickly became a favorite of mine, and thankfully one of many others. Today I hope you all will take the time to read it and share your thoughts of this young couples quagmire. 

Here you have it, check it out!