Promise me I’ll one day be able to do the things we see men do for their women on television sets or the silver screen. 

That you’ll say yes to me after I come, like a knight, on horse back. Leaping off, kneeling , then ask you to marry me. 

Promise me you’ll cry over the jovial spectacle I’ve caused.

I promise you, we’ll one day have it all. 

Promise me the first night we make love, it will be like heaven and hell came crashing into one another. 

God forgives the Devil, while demons and angels become lovers. 

I cannot promise I won’t scream your name. 

You’ll carry plenty of my children and they’ll all one day be heroes.

I promise we’ll grow old together. 

And if I leave this Earth before you, promise you’ll share our story. 

Remind the world why love is beautiful.