Youth can be a deleterious thing.

Full of poor decisions and plain dangerous choices.

The driving too fast with no where to go, 

Daredevils, jumping from a roof without a parachute. 

Youth can be a wasteful time


You’re either a heartbreaker or falling in love all the time. 

Too concern with what’s to come in the future,

Staying up too late;

Drinking, getting high. 

Blocking out the question 

“Will I ever know what it’s like to just be fine?” 

Hard head and thick skinned, “know-it-alls” looking for admiration although we haven’t accomplished anything. 

Youth is no treasure, we’re all unhappy and on the inside suffering. 

Today how will I dress up- stay trendy. It will adumbrate how alone I feel. 


“No one understands me!” 

Having given no one the opportunity to try…

Youth is chaos. 

Wanting all the privileges of an adult, but attached none of the responsibilities. 

The seamless plight of immaturity.

Youth can be a deleterious thing. 

Full of poor choices, impossible questions, and plain uncertainty.