I am a man, strong one who has made love to many women.

I am a woman, fertile, an one who has felt truly loved by a man. 

I am a child, curious and optimistic of the future.

I am the individual, that child has grown into now weary in regards to the future after realizing I am not invincible.  

I am the flower, standing tall above the ground ready to blossom. 

I am the pale hart, majestic, trotting through a meadow trampling them. 

I am a sparrow, solo flying. 

I am the veslza, obedient, leaping to gently grab the sparrow from the sky between its jaws.  

I am a pen, in hand that has written a letter.

I am the paper, on me, words written beautifully. 

I am the carrier of a sealed letter, delivering it to a women at her home. 

I am the sound the seal makes when it is broken.

I am anticipation and then the tears dancing against her face. 

I am the solace a mother needs as she sends her sons off to war 

I am the acceptance a father needs to bless the man how seeks to marry his daughter. 

I am the chair that is sat on, when a body needs to rest. 

I am the wind passing by you, the air lungs take. 

I am falling into love 

I am the heartbreak

I am the future 

I am time that is now past

I am the sky 

I am the sea 

I am the land in between 

I am life and all is me.