He’ll lay you down gently- Nervous and such 

On the firm fresh bedded mattress in his parents house. 

You’ll begin to undress him as he undresses you. 

Fumbling with his protection, you take it from him, then carefully place it on. 

Moist flesh- curious mind. 

Wild imaginations. 

You’ll wonder what he’s thinking. 


Slowly, tell him slowly, he must take his time, be ginger it is the first time. 

He’s like nothing you’ve ever felt.

Shivering, sighing. 

Your nails drag down his back. 

Accredit to 

Heavy pressure and tightening flesh. 

For you, just a second it will hurt. 

For him, he’ll feel it’s a life time. 

In due time it will become better 

No virgin is a natural in the arena of sex.