Men get a bad rep.

Although we’ve hunted,

Made history.  

And crafted tall buildings.

We help in the pleasure of creating babies.



Make peace.

Formed God and made him man.

But men, we get a bad rep. 


We’ve run from our responsibilities, 

Abandoned children.

We’ve raped- cheated, and told a circle of lies. 

But, I wish someone could  please forgive my sex! 

Women get a bad rep.

Although they’ve gathered 

Made history 

Carried unto this Earth babies.

Stayed strong,


Believed in God and accepted he’s man.  

And kept their tongue even when they knew they were told lies. 

But women do get a bad rep.


They have abandoned responsibilities,

Aborted babies,

And seduced for gain. 

Then lied about their conquest, so to circumvent public shame.

But, would someone please forgive this sex? 

In a world full of turmoil and trepidation, neither gender is without fault. 

But, it can be arduous to submit to that truth when your thoughts are clouded by the guise of feminism or misogyny. 

Some women rehears and preform as a victim;

Some men view it as their divine right to seize control. 

How did we come here? 

Weren’t there better roads to travel?  

Man against woman-

But, men we need them. 

Woman against man-

But, women you need these men.

Feminist essays, articles, and speeches addressing equality.

But what the hell is equal? 

Bigoted male, accosts his female leader with words- “Bitch!” he calls her…

Although she is only assertive in her intellectual properties. 

Respect, tolerance is all- no that’s all too difficult. 

I concede. 

The lioness does the hunting, the lion still takes a lions share;

The male seahorse bares the children.

In their same three dimensional world 

I’m finding no argument there. 

Nature fashioned us and characteristics out of selection. 

I am man, and although I did not ask to be. 

I have no choice but to take my place in the system.

Then here comes woman, but not beneath me, nor be hide. 

Please, woman throw away your disquietude and stand at my side.