There are times when I am writing, but not posting anything here to WordPress. Some times for days- weeks even. Followers I know personally have many times asked, 
“Why haven’t you posted anything thing new?” 
Here I’ll explain why that is. 

I have just about 200 public items posted here to WordPress. Poems, advice, stories and or quotes from writers or individuals that have inspired me. 

I’m constantly writing, or taking down notes on things to potentially write of in the future. And many projects are complete, or are as close to complete as an artist could make them. I do not post everything, simply because something are too personal, or I don’t find the message is germane, so the words would serve no purpose. 

I continually encourage all followers, that I am sincerely thankful for, both new and old, to go back, read things posted at the inception of my journey here, and perhaps you’ll notice the transition and or loop of emotions. That is the purpose of my leaving them here. 

I mention this to you all, in case it seems I’ve taken another “sabbatical,” but you’d like to read more. 

Leave your thoughts in the comments, like, share, and share some more. 
I thank each and everyone of you.