Bad things do happen… 

But, what about sunsets, 

French kisses

And the scent of fresh rain?

Seems far-fetched,

But just as happiness is fleeting, 

As is pain. 

There’s infidelity, the discovery, then heartbreak. 

Coming into the money to pay rent, just a day late. 

But what about the warmth of the sunrise?

A home cooked meal, 

The sound of children’s laughter,

When being touched, 

The way your lover’s hands feel?

Bad things do happen… 

But for every war that’s begun there was an end,

For every bone broken, there after is potential for it to heal. 

Somebody has died 

Someone is born. 

A terrible storm is on its way-

Temporary is everything, so we mustn’t let the few bad times dictate our entire fate. 

Bad things will continually happen.

Hell, I will not worry my life away.