This friend, he or she has borrowed clothes, borrowed money, needs assistance with a ride to and from work, most conversations- phone calls, FaceTimes and text messages revolve around them and all their “unsolvable” issues. But if ever you’re in need of help financially, emotionally. This friend, is unavailable. I’m aware at some point we have all had a friend like this, a friendly vampire, draining every energy and resource you’ve come to their once empty table with. It takes time to realize this, I think it’s instinctual to give someone you call friend the benefit of doubt. But, over time truth is slowly unveiled. 

This friend, he or she can take, forgetting or perhaps even hoping that the day they’ll need to give back never comes. And that is all very unfortunate, having someone you call friend, but not one you can count on. One who’ll come and help you change out the flat tire on your car, answer your phone call or reply to a text when you’re feeling uneasy or slightly sorry for yourself. 

I’ve been on the giving end of many relationships, heard many dramas, talked with that friend through many issues and encountered much abandonment when I felt it was “my turn” to discuss my grief or financial quagmire. 

More young, I’d become upset, and tell that friend a thing or two about his/herself, until later realizing, that selfish, uncaring, opportunistic behavior. That’s just the way some people are built. And my being upset with them, would not only be a waste of my energy, but it would not change one of those traits. 

I do realize that some who’ll take the time to read this are those selfish opportunist I mentioned above, or more plainly- takers. I hope you’ll think about someone who had been there for you and thank them, and in the future try your best to be there for them. 

To the gregarious, caring, open handed, givers. Do not allow those actions to change who you are. Not suggesting you stretch yourself thin. But only look at what you’ve done for someone as helping, and having faith that you’ll gain, not from them in particular, but in other ways.