From the heartbreaker’s perspective: 

I pushed

And I pushed 

And pushed. 

I wanted more than you were able to give and what you didn’t… 

I took. 

Perhaps that’s why you could never truly love me?

I know that is now why it’s over. 

You politely asked for space-

I Instead chased you as you walked away. 

From the heartbreaker’s perspective: 

You once said I love too hard. 

So, there in lies the flaw. 

I wasn’t told that you wanted anything 

And I, so arrogant to tell you what you need. 

Now I have lost a friend and the family. 

I am so sorry. 

From the heartbreak’s perspective: 

I should have given up.

I could not turn you into all that I wanted 

So I made this all your fault. 

There are always two sides to a truth and I believe this is yours. 

From my past love’s perspective: 

I pushed

And pushed 

And I pushed 

My desire to make you better made everything worse. 

From my heartbreaker’s perspective: 

My incorrigible actions, laid the weight and took its toll. 

Falling so much in love with you was never a goal. 

My past love’s perspective: 

I was obsessed,

I was rapacious,

I was simply a jerk. 

I do apologize for plunging my needle so deep into you,

And pulling until the veins collapsing. 

From the heartbreaker’s perspective:

I pushed 

And I pushed, 

And pushed. 

It hurt.