Love me… Right. 

What’s the matter with you? 

Hold me… Tight. 

Why must I tell you what todo? 

You smile for the purpose of hiding truth

Your smiles aren’t hiding things well.

I can see all that hurts in your eyes.

Love stories go- on so much deeper than I could write for you to see. 

I do not care to play a losing game… 

You’re avoiding me. 

I have this love, 

I could give you strength,

I could keep you living.

But, you have to want the same. 

I have this love…

So strong as steel and it is as real as rain. 

You must want the same? 

I’ll love you…


Until it’s fixed what the matter is with you.

I will hold you…


There is nothing I wouldn’t do, if you told me too.