Sunlight light cascades ‘cross my face, hurting my eyes… 

I am happy that I am alive.

Breath quickly enters and exits my two lungs-

Every moment is a war

I am still alive, so I have won.

I have tasted something awful after I sat down to eat. 

I am alive- happy to taste anything. 

There are ditches in the road, shaking my body within a car. 

But I am alive, so I drive on. 

Rain comes down heavy, blinding me from everything- 

I feel every cleansing drop roll down my skin. 

I am alive, I am happy.

I hear a song on the radio, it is not my favorite.

But, I hear something. 

I am alive, I am happy. 

I recall every ache lost love has caused-

But, I am alive, purely excited to feel at all. 

I had a nightmare as I dreamt through the night, but I woke up. 

I am happy, that I am alive. 

I am now reading a letter that has made me cry. 

Still I am happy, I am alive.