In a vacant Church… 
“Have you come to confess your sins?”
A Priests’ question to you. 
Seated still,
Beyond the dark gauze which separates you two. 
“Have you come to confess your sins?
From your past, of the present…
Have you anything?
Broken hearts, and broken bodies falling out of hidden closets with broken locks.
A misshapen sight of one’s self seen in well kept mirrors?”
What a reflection looks like when the soul is creeping out. 
“Have you anything that concerns you? 
I take it you’ve come here for a reason…
What madness brought you crawling here, what madness brought you here to hide?
Do you believe in yourself, in your own abilities too much? 
Envy: a glutton for jealousy. 
Gluttony: You fail to stop, when you’ve had the share of a Lion and his Cubs. 
Lust: You ”make love” to the point of addiction.  
Is it 
Is it
Is it
Sloth: Body, conscienc, beyond fatigued. 

Avoidance of all physical and spiritual work, no care, no accountability.”

Negative actions do have their impact.
“Have you anything to confess?
Seated still beyond the darken gauze separating us.” 
There in a vacant church.
And for the final time, the priest praying to provide solace asked, 
“Haven’t you a thing to confess?”