If there was a great storm coming from behind tall mountains

A storm unlike any other coming for this town in the east 
Would this, this that we have at all matter 
Do I have you to count on as a source of protection 
Would you race across a town to save me, an aging man. 
Living in the cleavage of that mountain, in the east? 
What should be the determining factor for love? 
The feeling insane, rethinking and thinking you and your spouses future over, and time over again?
In your mind you’ve built a 4 bedroom home for the two of you and a child in 3 of the rooms.
Do you have multiple alternate ends?
What is the determining factor for your love? 
Bats and butterflies warring in your belly 
Feeling your blood pressure descending and raising 
Happy when he or she is holding you 
And when they’re away you feel sick! 
What determines love for you? 
Surprise lunch and dinner dates 
Kisses that remind you of fine wine 
And when you two are only relaxing
He falls asleep on your shoulder, or you on his. 
What determines love? 
Is it the happiness that makes unhappiness possible, 
Is it that you think they’re worth the potential heartbreak 
Is it the way the world is quite insane around you, but the two of you seem sane?
All the chances you give and take 
Is it that if the sky were falling there is no one else’s umbrella you’d rather be? 
If you ask:  
“What determines love for me?”
It’s that someone is willing to risk their life to save mine from the storm, heavy rising over my home, nestled in the cleavage of that mountain in the east.