It may have been the gentle way you walked into the room. 
Made me think for a moment, this is the one and we are that old cliche, meant to be.
I have seen my unicorn again, galloping. 
But do please saunter, amble here awhile with me. 
May I ask you for the answer to a few inklings, 
Who you are exactly? 
What are the chances I’ll be seeing you again, 
once you leave me? 
If I do not get to speak with you, I mean if in this concert jungle I’ve come too close.
I’ll still say I love you so much… 
With the very little I know. 
It may have been the way you alone sauntered through the room, you caught my eye, but I could not catch you. 
A being, I was told for a time you did not exist. 
But I’d someday correct the world and find one and give my all to it. 
My unicorn stands tall, perhaps 17 hands. 
Green eyes, refulgent like I’ve never seen 
Dark mane and a smile, so comely.  
The way my heartbeat changes for you,  
It’s frustrating. 
I have conversed with my unicorn ever time I’ve had the chance.
And what I’ve found in conversation, leaves a whole in my fantasy.
My unicorn is married, with a family.