Well, children where there is such silence 

There must be a load of truth 

Well child do not be afraid, 

I’ll bare it with you. 

You’ll find the world can be a convivial, deleterious place

Your adventurous will may lead you to a broken bone. 

But you’ll find a broken bone is nothing after the sting of heartbreak. 

Selfish prayers or selfless prayers… 

Well, children what have you announced within the silence of this place? 

I hoped you’d never discover the darkness within the light of our worlds truth. 

I had hoped it would not have to be me sharing it with you. 

Children, there was once a race that turned a nation into slaves. 

And children… 

There are still those who’d prefer it that way. 

There was once a few men who no longer wanted to pay their governments ridiculous tax.

So they sailed ‘cross an ocean to gain a sense of freedom back. 

There have been many that warred and took life for the faith in their religion.

And that same faith has healed the spirits of many living. 

Well children, where there is great silence 

Harbors a great truth.

What should we be listening for? 

A panacea to rid the pledge the lot of this world is suffering through.