Divide me up

Into only the pieces you want 

My generous hands

These gentle eyes

And devoted heart 

Divide me up

Into only things you find most valuable

A consoling voice 

And fanciful writings 

The melodies I play will never bring you down. 

I would allow you to control me.

I wish your love to be returned to me that much. 

Divide me up 

Take me and leave me as you’d like

I’ll be your action figure

Play with me when you choose 

Divide me up 

Take all the good of me 

My strong arms 

Soft lips 

Take my breath away from them 

My good health if you are ever sick. 

Divide me up 

Have me as you wish

Take my spirit 

The light behind my eyes

Have my eternal love 

My imaginative mind. 

The whole of me is yours to divide.