Be quiet.  
Be pretty, 
And smile. 
That is all a man needs to see. 
Young Lady, 
Lower your ambitions and life’s expectations. 
Do not allow your mind to wonder. 
Only concern yourself with being ready… 
Ready for a man we chose for you to marry. 
Young Lady, 
Look happy as you walk down the aisle.
Adumbrate, if you must your disquietude until the ceremony is done. 
Young lady, 
Undress yourself. 
Become a woman,
Lay down.
Being his pleasure, as a woman hurts you for the first time.  
He continues until his end. 
Leaving his creation lingering inside. 
Carry his child. 
You form that physical and emotional connection a man never can. 
But when the child is born. 
It must bare his last name. 
Man will listen to you, but only as a courtesy. 
But woman be sure to defend him for the decision is only his in the finale. 
Keep the house 
Prepare the foods 
And lone raise the child. 
Be quiet
Sequester your thoughts
Sit up straight
Cross your legs