There are so many ugly people in the world, far too many. I am not speaking of people who are unappealing sexually and such. I speak of those that often surround you with very nefarious intentions in their mind and heart. You either know these people by name, some you call friend, some you call family and some you may not know at all.

Growing up, being kind, holding your tongue, making the decision to continue living everyday is so very difficult. But you do choose to continue on when you believe or have been shown you have a purpose, no matter how those around you react, respond or receive the information, the truth once it’s been delivered to them.

 It would be quite the falsehood if I sat here a wrote that their words, or lack there of didn’t sting at times. But in those moments, come the choice you must make, then and then again: will I stop, will I allow someone that can’t do what I  do or hasn’t the ambition to do, steal my power? 

The Earth continues to spin on its axis, and life moves on past all the pain, so decide you must too.