Oh love, my love.

Far from home I have gone. 

Far from home I have traveled, and traveled is all I have done. 

Nothing new in my life. 

No new bodies lay down beneath me. My writing is truth, believe me. 

Oh love, my sweet love.

I feel you, still, you’re so far away.  Only In distance.

But not my heart. 

My love, I still do truly love. 

I am traveling, and traveled is all I have done. 

Placing points on a map, with post cards and pictures detailing all, and only what I have done. 

Love, have you received my many letters, if so have you with care read each one? 

My love, oh love do not be silly, it is you alighting my heart. 

Just you, and some friends, the closest ones.

Oh my refulgent love, will you reply to me? 

Will you still be home once I’ve made my fortune, our fortune and returned to thee?