V: Imagine us with all our cloth off
I’m straddling you
Grinding against your manhood and heart.
Kissing you!
Your hands are secure along my hips.

King: Unheard fingerprints.
Needle lift away from
unseen rings.

Fresh flesh draped over television sets.
Follow three angles of bullets up the highway;

Signal retired mind
with open eye to its melody.

V: Our hearts and body do become one and a handsome song they sing.

No couple has felt a fire like ours and no mans love has moved a mountain until such a powerful magic was cast over yourself and me.

Flowers in celebration bloom behind us as we amble through the halls of your home.
You the night and I, the day.

King: Night/day:
Two moons-
The same rock;

Soils sweep upward as lunacy pulls without reason;

My heart binds, tugs:
It is the will of the nothing to keep me going.

V: My body shall find a way, because words are ever rarely enough.
Underneath me, ‘though I was the sky.
And inside me, as my lungs you’ll remain.

Passion is not truth if It must give to you reason.
Have this fiery body and heavy heart, it is your decision.
Though sir be ginger, for it will be my first time.

King: A hand stretches toward arms:
Magma inching toward bungalow.

V: Hands without hesitation I do allow to touch me.
On the bed of my sleeping chamber within the bungalow.
Even though it hurts…
I could not be more excited to share with you all of me!

King you have spoken such poetry to me.
I will follow wherever, even if it’s to hell you lead.

King: Refulgent and soft virgin:
Do not entertain such dim thoughts!
Only this Earth, and, after the Lord’s heaven will be where both our souls again cross.