Little She and a stuffed Brown Bear,
The child seems to need nothing else.
Brown Bear is her blanket,
Brown Bear is her tissue
Brown Bear is her nourishment when Little She nibbles at its arm because she’s hunger.
Little She climbs Brown Bear- though Brown Bear were a tree.
Little She sad-like, had to drag Brown Bear everywhere with her around the house, because Brown Bear is far too heavy for Little She to carry.
While she’s nestled atop Brown Bears belly, it’s of Brown Bear and their adventures Little She dreams.
Little She made Brown Bear real, and Brown Bear, with all its might carries Little She.

Through thorny rose gardens and up rocky hills. And when Little She was tired, Brown Bear would stop and the two would rest, peacefully in an open field. 

Upon a time, there was danger. A giant gray vulture attacked! Little She was so frightened, Brown Bear said to Little She,

 “Now Little She, you hold tight.” 

Brown Bear stood, bipedal, plucky and courageous. And with its great paw swatted the wicked fowl as it plunged from the sky to abduct Little She, back into hiding. Little she was so gracious, Little She cried jubilation and screamed, 

“I love you Brown Bear, you have saved me!”
Brown Bear gave Little She courage.
Little She felt protected. When mom and dad were off to work. Brown Bear made Little She feel surrounded and whole.
Little She told Brown Bear secrets, and quiet in confidence all Brown Bear kept.

Brown Bear never changed his threaded smile, not in reality, not in her dreams. While frolicking in forests, ambling for miles, did Brown Bear and Little She.
Little She and Brown Bear their bond- their foundation was solid. 

Little she awakes, elated for the surprise of their next adventure.

Little She and Brown Bear, both
Brown Bear and Little She.